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Who’s Using Symport

Clinicians and Researchers


Principal Investigators, researchers, and statisticians use Symport to manage and share sensitive datasets. They can collect primary data, link records, and format data for analysis all from the web.

  • Create, maintain, and share high-quality datasets
  • Give collaborators real-time access to the most current dataset

Dr. Frank Anderson, MD, MPH, is a clinician-researcher at the University of Michigan Health System. He uses Symport to share maternal and neonatal mortality data with collaborators across the world. Symport helps him access live data to analyze the impact of OB/GYN educational programs – 2 months before he usually gets the Excel files from partner hospitals.

Clinician researcher, Frank Anderson, offers his opinion on Symport - Symport is awesome

“Now that we’ve eliminated all the steps to clean the data, the analyst is able to work with the database as the collectors input data.”

Dr. Frank Anderson, MD, MPH, OBGYN, University of Michigan Health System

Study Coordinators and Research Assistants


Study coordinators, research assistants, and data entry personnel use Symport to aggregate data and manage their collaborators’ data access. With Symport, they can invite team members to view, edit, or add to datasets in the cloud.

  • Work with data online instead of emailing attachments
  • Manage your team’s access to all of the study data anywhere

Barbara Salem, MS, MSW, a research coordinator at the University of Michigan Health System, uses Symport to store and manage a registry of ~1,000 breast cancer patients and tissue samples. Symport helps her manage the large dataset and save time by providing collaborators direct access to the data under custom permission levels. By using Symport, she was able to format and clean her study data, store it in the cloud, and make it available to her team on her terms.

Data managers like Barbara Salem are able to more easily manage data with Symport

“The developers have worked hard to ensure that this software excels where others fall short both in usability and capability.”

Barbara Salem, MS, MSW, Clinical Research Coordinator, General Surgery, University of Michigan Health System

Data Managers and Analysts


Data managers and analysts use Symport to clean, code, and de-identify datasets. With Symport they can access and download datasets in real-time, without version control problems or waiting for email attachments.

  • Standardize and validate collected data
  • Reduce the time and cost of data analysis

Chengwei Li is a data analyst at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. He uses Symport to change records, find and resolve errors, and aggregate patient data from several partner sites. Symport helps him maintain a structured, validated dataset that that is ready for analysis at anytime.

Health IT Professionals and Honest Brokers


Honest brokers and IT staff need a place to securely share datasets and manage access to sensitive health information online. With Symport they can replace email attachments and spreadsheets with a secure, online database.

  • Drag and drop an Excel file to start work
  • Store data for secondary use without expensive technology

Symport’s Benefits

Validated Data Collection

Set parameters for each variable that control what data can be entered, so data is validated as it is collected, saving you time later on.

Powerful Query System

Generate reports and counts using the powerful query system. Determine how many subjects in your project fit specific conditions.

Role-based Permissions

Give team members granular access to project data. Use permissions to control who can see identifying information or who can edit data.

Collaborative Database Access

Add team members to your project so they can access the dataset from anywhere, while still feeling confident that the data is safe.

Data Documentation

Easily orient collaborators to your dataset with an automatically generated data dictionary, and monitor changes with the audit log.

Data Formatting & Cleaning Tool

Automatically find and fix errors in your dataset, and make sure each variable is defined, validated, and formatted correctly.

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